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TAXI - As you exit the Florence Peretola Airport, walk right to the end of the building. The taxi stand is there and has a flat rate to the city center for €22 (plus extras like additional luggage, etc).

TRAMVIA - As you exit the Florence Peretola Airport, on your left will be the tramvia. Tickets can be purchased on the platform using cash or card. The tram will take you into the city center (Santa Maria Novella station). The trains run frequently, around 10-15 minutes between each departure. 


WALKING - Arguably the best way to get around the city and see everything! The city is small, so you can walk across it in less than an hour. 


BUS - You can take the bus in the city center and the surrounding towns. The school is located on the 12/13 line. Here is the website you can visit to purchase tickets in advance and online for €1.50. You can also purchase a ticket via text message for €1.80 plus messaging fees.

TAXI - There are two companies for taxis in Florence: Taxi4242 and Taxi4390. You can book a taxi by calling, texting, WhatsApp, or by finding taxis stands throughout Florence (usually near major landmarks or attractions). 

BIKE RENTALS - You can rent bikes throughout the city using RideMovi. You can use these via phone app or QR code and have different packages for purchase. There are plenty of bike paths throughout the city. There are also scooter rentals, but these require the use of a helmet. 


San Niccolò and Santa Croce would be the closest neighborhoods to school. Piazza Ferrucci and Gavinana are also close, but slightly removed from city center, so they might be cheaper and quieter. Santo Spirito, San Frediano, Sant'Ambrogio, and the areas around the Duomo are farther, but are more inside the city center.


Estimated walking times are listed below:

  • San Niccolò to ISF, about 30 minutes

  • Santa Croce to ISF, about 30-35 minutes

  • Piazza Ferrucci to ISF, about 20 minutes

  • Gavinana to ISF, about 35 minutes

  • Sant'Ambrogio to ISF, about 30-35 minutes

  • Santo Spirito to ISF, about 45 minutes

  • San Frediano to ISF, about 50 minutes


AIRBNB - Check out local listings on Airbnb.

PALAZZO SAN NICCOLÒ FLORENCE APARTMENTS - Palazzo San Niccolò has three palazzi to choose from in different locations around the city. They are offering a 5% discount on booking for those who are attending the ISF GATE conference. To book, or for more information, you can email You can also book directly through and specify in the notes that you are an attendant of the ISF GATE conference. 

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